Care must be taken when using a pressure washer.  Having the
correct PSI (pounds per square inch) for washing your home, or
your deck, is very important.  To much pressure can damage
wood.  It is a common misconception that the more PSI you use,
the better the cleaning will be.  In fact, low PSI and a high gallon
per minute flow cleans much faster, and will not damage the wood.

If you have vinyl, wood, Aluminum, or cement board siding, we can
get it clean.  We can also clean your deck, patio, tennis court,
walkway, and even your driveway.      

Contact us to cure whatever grime and grit ails you.
Pressure washing
Proudly serving Traverse City and these
surrounding counties:
 Leelanau, Benzie,
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This was a project we
completed in 2008.  The coating
(Sikkens Log & Siding) was
failing in some areas and mold
and mildew had invaded the
cedar.  Much of the mildew had
grown in behind areas of the
finish.  The only answer was to
strip the original coating and
start from scratch.  We used a
biodegradable finish stripper
and pressure washed the home
We then allowed the cedar to dry
and applied two finish coats.  
Maintenance coats would have
prevented us from having to strip
the finish and start from scratch.  
Transparent coatings must be
maintained often to keep a
beautiful and protective finish.
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