Interior painting is something we take great pride in.  A professional interior paint job can really improve and update a space.  Whether you
are cleaning up older dirty walls, or are just in need of a new color, we can recommend and apply a professional finish.  Patching drywall,
filling nail holes, caulking cracks and sanding all surfaces before painting is standard on all of our interior re-paints.  We are able to safely
move any furniture and protect all of your interior belongings to ensure a clean and safe working environment.   

Are you concerned about the interior air quality from the off gassing VOC's  that are common in standard paints?  If so, there are zero VOC  
products available that we are happy to apply.  We only use premium paints from quality paint distributors to ensure ease of application for
us, and to give our customers a beautiful, durable, and washable finish that will last many years.

Those who are not in the industry may easily fall victim to paint marketing rather than paint quality.  In short, all paints are not created equal.  
The formulations in paint are always changing due to environmental regulations or paint manufacturer trials.  These days there are specific
paints for all different surfaces.  Knowing what paint to use and what manufacturer to buy from can be a daunting task.   We use specific
products from multiple manufacturers because we have found that while company
A may make a great interior wall paint, company B makes
a better interior stain.  

Hiring us is beneficial in many ways.  You will be guaranteed in writing that the work will be done in accordance with the Painting and
Decorating Contractors of America Industry Standards.  You will be guaranteed the top of the line products that we have field tested over
many years.  You will be guaranteed a date of completion and a hassle free experience.  Best of all, you will be guaranteed your much valued
free time.

Take some of the hassle out of your life and
Contact us.   We guarantee you will be happy you did.
Proudly serving Traverse City and these
surrounding counties:
 Leelanau, Benzie,
Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, and Antrim
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