When it's time to clean your deck and apply a stain, hiring a professional can really make
a difference.  Do you have an old deck stain that is peeling and blotchy looking?  If so, it
needs to be stripped first.  We use a biodegradable product that won't hurt your plants
and can get the job done.  After the old coating has been removed we then apply citric
acid which brightens the deck but more importantly, pH balances the wood so it accepts
the stain.  Care must be taken when pressure washing decks.  To much pressure
damages the wood and will prevent the stain from penetrating.  We use safe chemicals to
clean your deck and use a low pressure rinse to ensure no damage to the wood fibers.

A moisture meter is another tool many painters do not know about or use.  Moisture
meters allow us to check the percentage of moisture left in wood after  cleaning or a
rainstorm.  If you stain or paint wood that has more than 15% moisture content the coating
will likely fail. Simply feeling the wood on the surface gives you no indication of the woods
true dryness.  
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